Our family was so fortunate to have Jess as our doula. She was a fantastic, hands-on support to both my husband and me. She kept us calm and focussed and helped me to have the birth experience I always wanted.

Jess' thorough intake process showed us how much she cared about knowing our preferences so that she could best support us. After finding out about my very stressful first birth with my daughter, Jess committed to helping me to have a much better experience this (second) time.
Leading up to the birth, Jess was available to answer my questions, provided me with helpful resources and  checked in with me by phone as my due date got closer. It felt good to have that help to mentally prepare for the big day.

When I was actually in labour, Jess worked incredibly well with my midwives. She coached me on my breathing, held me tight through my contractions and had encouraging words for me throughout. I felt confident and strong and my baby came quickly and easily. It was amazing!

Jess went above and beyond and took pictures leading up to, during and after my son's birth. These photos are family treasures, like the moment when my husband found out we had a baby boy. Jess also wrote a "birth story" for us which captured all of the special moments in our pregnancy/ birthing journey.

Every mother should get to have Jess with them as they labour and await their baby's birth! I literally couldn't be happier with how my son's birth went, and Jess was a huge part of making sure everything went smoothly.
Thank you, Jess!!

Alika J
 Jess was an invaluable asset to have during my labour!  The preparatory advice and wisdom she gave me during the pregnancy, and the support and encouragement she provided during the actual home birth were absolutely essential.  I know 100% that it would have been a completely different experience had she not been there.  Jess comes very well-equipped with tools, techniques and a level of expertise which helped me feel fully confident following her guidance....but she also made me feel confident in my own strength and abilities too.

Tess H

I really enjoy working with Jess.  She is professional and exudes warmth and comfort. I would love to have her at all the births I attend!

I have worked with different doulas before and Jess stands out above the rest.  She is so approchable, respectful and great at what she does!

Rebecca Johnston
Midwives of Brampton and Halton Hills